Longstone Landscape

Community Archaeology Project

The Parracombe History and Archaeology Society (PHAS), some residents  of Challacombe, North Devon Archaeological Society, the Exmoor Moorland Initiative and the Exmoor National Park have teamed up to undertake this ambitious new project. After two years of hard work by about forty  volunteers there a lot of new information has been forthcoming. potential to  research, record and more fully understand the moorland archaeology straddling the Parish boundary between the two villages.

A report on the first two years of the project can be found at this link:  Longstone Landscapes Project report

Phase 2 of the project commenced in January 2016.  We have several more burial mounds left to survey and we have enough kit to work on two barrows simultaneously. It takes 3-4 people to draw a barrow – 1 on the drawing board, two holding tapes and 1 checking!

Work will also continue on the Springhead Survey and Radworthy

Experienced volunteers please let me know if you want to be assigned your own barrow to draw. If you are less confident then please join a work party – Booking via David essential. New volunteers welcome

There is still room for more volunteers.  To get involved please message us on parracombe1 {at} gmail(.)com or via our facebook site www.facebook.com/groups/parracombe/

Chapman Barrows,  “Chanters Barrow” Radworthy,  Mortuary Enclosure,  Quincunx, Springhead Surveys, Training

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