Chapman Barrows Survey

Chapman Barrows comprise at least eleven large Bronze Age burial mounds forming a cemetery along the Parish Boundary.   The Reverend Chanter and others opened some of the barrows over  a hundred years agoThe easternmost barrow was found to have a central burnt patch, a large pottery vessel and some bones:  at the time thought to be mutton but very likely human.  These were surrounded by a low stone wall and covered with turves to build a sizeable mound.

These barrows have not been surveyed for over 100 years, so the priority will be to get detailed drawings, a good photographic record, a monument condition report and maybe some geophysical surveys.  There are other low earthworks nearby which may also be barrows so a walkover to investigate these followed by recording will also be needed.     Some of the barrows were dug into by antiquarians over 100 years ago.  We will also need to put together a good archive of the site, collate any map records, copy old photographs and drawings, track down published reports, committee minutes, site records and artefacts if any of these still exist.  The Reverend Chanter, who lived in Parracombe, was one of the investigators and it would be useful to research his life and publish a biography.