Mortuary Enclosure

Close to the Chapman Barrows and relatively recently discovered is a low large rectangular platform some 25 metres  long by 10 wide. It is enclosed by a low bank with a slight ditch.  This is an intriguing site and recent theories suggest that it could be the remains of a Neolithic mortuary enclosure, which is a place where humans were placed after death as part of some unknown ritual or religious practice.

P1070791lr P1070792lrThis site is being studied by Doug Mitcham of Leicester University as part of his PhD research.  He will be undertaking detailed geophysical surveys of the site and possibly dig a small section through it.

In March 2014 with the help of project volunteers Doug completed a resistivity and magnetometer survey of the Platform and the Quincunx.

He hopes to return later in the year to conduct a small dig.

The possible Neolithic Mortuary Platform
The possible Neolithic Mortuary Platform