Taking part

We would like to undertake this work to the highest possible standards whilst opening  opportunities for as many people as possible. So there are  a few things we ask of people.

Do not park on the open moorland unless you have the permission of the landowner

  • The moorland is sensitive for wildlife and archaeology so please tread with care
  • The area is high moorland and wet underfoot so dress appropriately
  • It is easy to stumble and sprain an ankle  so bring a mobile phone and always try and work in pairs
  • If you are not an NDAS member then please join Parracombe History and Archaeology Society.  This will cost £5 and provide insurance cover
  • We need a few volunteers to help co-ordinate activities please let us know if you are able to help
  • To get involved please message us via our Facebook  page  www.facebook.com/groups/parracombe/ or email parracombe1 {at} gmail(.)com
  • As the project progress we will use the www.parracombe.org.uk page to give details of research objectives and early results.
  • We would like all the surveys to be useful for researchers now and in the future so please no cowboys! Follow the guidelines for each piece of work as and when we are ready
  • Metal Detectors this is private land and much of it is protected by law so no metal detectors. Also, as the moorland is very acid, ancient metal work will not survive so anything a detector picks up is likely to be modern!