Photo Gallery

cropped-March-2011.jpgParracombe as seen from Fairfield

Blizzard in Parracombe

Parracombe in a  blizzard – this is the high street!




A gate in the surrounding fields.


Fresh water springs from many of the hills around Parracombe



Sometimes the mists are quite beautiful ….


Maypole at Medieval Day

Maypole Dancing is taught in the Primary School every year. Here the children are performing at a Medieval Day.



Parracombe Jazz Band


Parracombe and its very own Jazz Band performing up at the Hall.



A view of Holwell Castle (one of the best kept Motte and Bailey castles in England


and two of the views FROM it…

Various pictures 123

Various pictures 090





Clearing up :

Some of the Team about to start work - still smiling!Clearing up!